Managing IT

Are you struggling with inconsistent, “break-fix” "continuously downtime" computer service from independent computer technicians, companies or the person in your office who is “good with computers”? Think of the times when your IT devices failed or partially failed, were you able to conduct business as usual? Probably not.

What if you lost your company information due to a hard drive failure or a natural disaster – would you be able to recover? Do you have a structured backup and disaster recovery strategy? Have you tested it? Is your rapidly growing and in need of an IT infrastructure?

The way we do business has changed. To stay competitive today, you have to leverage technology and managing it has to become a strategic focus.

M2O Technologies provides Smart-Simple- Solutions for small to medium sized businesses in the central Florida area. We strive to meet our customers budget while keeping security and efficiency as number one priority. Our innovative custom solutions set us apart in the market. We listen to our customer's IT needs and provide a custom strategic solution. We Got I.T. 24/7, no job is too big or too small for M2O!

M2Otek Managed Services

Challenges Companies Face

Managing IT is complex

Many organizations may be capable of keeping their IT infrastructure up on a daily basis, but are they capable of dealing with the biggest IT challenges?

These are a few challenges your company can face.

  • Data Loss
  • Security Vulnerabilities
  • Downtime
  • Cloud Confusion
  • Productivity Problems
  • Budget Constraints
  • Qualified People
  • Paying for, and maintaining, leading edge Information Technology has become too expensive and complex for the average organization to manage on its own.

    M2OTek Solution

    Start with an IT Assessment
    We’ll provide you with a snapshot of your IT infrastructure’s current state, its effectiveness to support today’s business needs and more importantly, if your organization can grow with the present infrastructure.
    Our IT assessment expert will look at the following components of your IT Infrastructure:

    • Servers
    • Power
    • Operating System Security Updates Status
    • Email System
    • Security – Anti-virus, Anti-malware State
    • Networks – LAN and Wireless
    • Internet – Firewall Security
    • Backup
    • Documentation

    Select Your Managed IT Services
    A Managed IT strategy is more than just maintaining existing systems. With the rapid advancements in IT, it is difficult for organizations to recognize how they can benefit from new technologies.
    We recognize that maximizing your technology investment and efficiently supporting the business is the path to competitive advantage. We can help you improve technology ROI and align IT investments with your business strategy.
    As your technology partner, Atlantic offers you flexible Managed IT programs that meet business goals and budgets.

    Our report will provide you with observations and recommendations to help you understand the risks and opportunities available to you.

    Take the next step with a free, no-obligation, assessment and see how your company can benefit from our Managed Services. Free IT Assessment